Saturday, 19 January 2019

Pretty My Page

The lovely Lisa-Jane at Pretty My Page has designed this open font...

I decided it was perfect to create a layout about my word of the year (for last year!)

I set up my cameo mat with strips of coloured paper and a dark grey paper.  I cut the complete alpha on the grey and just the outline on the colourred paper.

And then glued them together.

The spacing took a bit of working out.  I used some torn wahi tape on the background as guidelines.  It's not obvious but I like to layer up subtle details.

I love how it looked...

but hadn't included the word patince anywhere.  D'oh!

I solved this by using an acetate overlay and using the alpha cutfile to poke sewing holes.

 I did think halfway through about the irony of the situation... scraping about patience whilst huffing and sighing about hand sewing!

Really pleased with the finished result though.  I will make sure to get to this years word before next year!

You can find the font download here.

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