Sunday, 22 September 2019

Stash Busting | Literally!

I scrapped along with Stash Busting yesterday.  When I recently redid my craft room I collated all of the half dones and page kits/idea bags and vowed to get them used up.  These two layouts resulted in two empty bags and one slightly slimmer less full bag!

This is Grammercy Road by Gossamer Blue.  I love this collection and wish they were still around making more collections.  I didn't bust the bag but I did have fun and get some used up.

The Stash Busting prompt was to use no right angle with  the exception of your photo and 12x12 sheet.  I started off promisingly but as I cut my triangles in half I created right angles.  Doh!

I also got a few cork pieces (SpiegelMom Scraps) and some thin wood veneer (Color Cast Designs) used up.  I find both these materials hard to get on the page so I was rather chuffed to have used both on the same page!

Next up a photo and title from one bag and some black and white scraps from another.  As I get to the end of an alphabet set I use an anagram site to help with possible words.  I only had O's left for vowels which was limiting my options but I had this photo so ROOST was perfect.

The Stash Busting prompt was to use black and white stripes - tick!  I also added some stamping and splatters referencing the flock.  So.  Many.  Corvids!

So that is two more photos scrapped, two more layouts in albums and two stash bags emptied out.  I'm loving the new organised me!  I do need to sort my lighting out though... I'm missing the light from my soft boxes that usually sit on my desk.  My photography has definitely suffered.  But the space, of the space!

Thanks for stoping by!

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