Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Stick It Down | Twofer!

I was inspired by the November sketch from Stick It Down to create two layouts.

 The first layout is what I had in my head when I was drawing up the sketch.

Kind of luxurious, lots of texture and volume, scrapping until your heart is content with no thought as to how it will lie in an album!

I even tried some fancy writing.  I'm totally inspired by Minortismay but have a  l o n g  way to go before I'm anywhere near her level!

Most of the sequins are from SpiegelMom Scraps.

 The second layout is a little, um, quirky?!

I turned the swag in to seaweed!  (Because who wouldn't?!)

I hid some sea creatures from StickerKitten amongst the weeds. 

It may be a tad bonkers but I love it!

Please do link up over at Stick It Down if you are inspired by this sketch.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Holy cow I love the first one. It's so pretty and fancy. I could never write like that - I don't even trust myself to try. I'd ruin my whole page!


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