Saturday, 18 January 2020

Scraptember January Stash Bash | Die Cuts

My name is Laura and I have a problem with die cuts.  Well, cut files really... I cut too many of them, more than I can use and so consequently I have oodles of them in a box.

This month Scraptember are running the January Stash Bash and today is the day to bust out the die cuts.  I am busting this gorgeous camera mesh cut file from Pretty My Page as well as using metal dies to create my title.

Scraptember's January Stash Bash is a month of intense memory-keeping, with a new prompt and a new video every day, all designed to encourage scrappers to use up their stash.  You can join the Facebook group here and catch the playlist here.  This is today's video:


Whilst making this layout not only did I get ink on my camera lens and my sleeve I also got some in my ear!  I have no idea how and didn't notice at the time.  An hour or so later my Mum said 'what's that?' expecting it to be something to do with Henley Bird but no.  Green ink droplet.  Gable green to be exact. IN my EAR!  

Another peril of the scrapbooking world is outlining letters.  I only attempt it on a good day when my hands are super steady and I go slowly and carefully but still I always make a booboo somewhere.  I wobbled across the T in photo.  I wiped it straight away but it marked.  Heyho, it's handmade.

I love these turned over corners on other people's layouts but I'm not sure on mine.  It never looks quite the same when I do it...

But I do like the watercolour over the die cut.  All of those blooms and drying lines are exactly what I love.

Thanks for stopping by!

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