Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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In November I was going to purchase 24 colour ink pads from the new Pink Fresh release.  These would be opened one a day in December as an advent calendar of sorts.  Well that didn't happen as they sold out super fast so the plan was shitched to Christmas a present, and then a January present...  Finally these fun cubes are back in stock and I have a Happy February present!

They have made themselves at home in my 'Inky Whizz' from Cool Katz.  If you need me I'll be at my desk!

On a personal note today is the 20 year anniversary of me first falling ill.  I wrote this for Facebook and I'm adding it here too, more for a reminder for me than for you, but maybe someone will come across it when they need to read it.

"So here it is. 20 years to the day. The Big Anniversary of falling ill.
So many things I have missed out on; GCSE'S, A levels, Uni, first proper job, leaving home, forming friendships and relationships, getting married and starting a family. But also many things I wouldn't have done if I had been well. Spending so much time with both of my youngest cousins in their early years; getting to spend time with my two gorgeous nephews now. Internet friends have been a Godsend as in person friendships are hard to maintain because, well, because energy!
In the last twenty years there are a few people who have had a huge impact on me, whether still in my life now, or moved on; I want them to know they are hugely appreciated.
I continue to push on with hope and joy, patience, (hopefully) grace and perseverance knowing that God's timing is perfect and everything happens for a reason whether we can fathom it or not (and when I say His timing is perfect I should also say I've made a note to buy Him a watch and a calendar!) fully thankful for my online friends and creative life that brings some semblance of normality to my life.
Grieving for what is lost is a continuous process and I'm sure that there will be more tough days. Today though, today is cake day. Because 20 years needs marking and cake is how I mark things!"

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