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I've pre-ordered some of the new Cocoa Vanilla collection from Lottie Loves Paper.  You know what that means, don't you?  Yep, I'm trying to use up some of my CVS stash so the new stuff will fit in my box!!

I took a sheet of mixed media experiments from last year and cut out a load of circles.  I went old school... drawing around a cotton reel and cutting them out with scissors.  Sane people would use a punch, I suppose, but hey, whatyagonnado.

These circles form the base of my layout.  I also trimmed the photo into a circle.  I must have run out of luck as it was wonky and didn't look anywhere close to circular.  I got into that vicious circle of trimming... just a bit more on this side to make it more round which turned into needing a bit more on that side.  I rescued it with a die and everything returned to calm.

I added lots of white sewing to the circles and to the corners of the layout.  It's subtle being mostly white on white but I do love the texture sewing on paper adds.

I used clear dimensional adhesive pads to add the vellum ephemera on top of the circles.  If you look really hard you can see the adhesive but it's not obvious enough to be a bother to me.  My favourite clear dimensional adhesive is Power Tabs from Allthingssticky.

I added in word stickers and puffy hearts...

and finshed off with a generous splattering of Goldie Lox Shimmeringz.  This is a clear mist with gold mica powder mixed in and is perfect for adding a little something to a white background without being overpowering.

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