Monday, 2 March 2020

Pretty My Page | A Plump Pod

Hey guys, Laura here with a rare double page spread.

I went about this layout in a totally unconventional way.  It started with a whale doodle in ProCreate using the symmetry feature which took a life of its own and became a cut file.  Mrs Pretty My Page then suggested the whales would look good as a group.  This then led to a discussion about collective nouns and another cut file.  

We named the circle of whales A Plump and the group A Pod.  Groups of whales can also be called a gam, a herd and a school – but we don’t have cut files for all of them!
I got a bit carried away (imagine that!) after testing cutting the designs.  I immediately pulled out patterned papers in watery blues and greens and set to backing all of the whales.  When I had done that I started playing around with placement... then realised that I had no photos nor had I recorded the process for my DT video.  Doh!

I fished out some photos – quite a few different ones actually – and tried to match them to what was essentially a finished layout bar the photos and title.  I discovered I’m not great at scrapbooking this way and looked through literally every photo I have trying to find the right ones.  I considered a punny ‘I whaley love you’ title with lovey photos; ‘whale hello there’ with peeping photos; photos from the Sea Life Centre (hammerhead sharks didn’t really match though); In the end I plumped for ‘having a whale of a time’ with happy photos.  I did choose a set of happy photos from the beach to tie the pictures in with the whale theme as best as I could.

Each colour and pattern I used was repeated on both pages of the layout in equal amounts.  My title was multi-font for just that reason.  When it came to embellishing further I really struggled.  I tried adding things but it was just too much for me.  Even clear sparkly sequins didn’t work (and they usually work with everything!)  I guess the glitz comes from the gold mirri card and the interest comes from the gam of whales, so nothing more is needed.

You can find the download the cut files here: A PlumpA Pod.
And find the pre-cuts here:  A PlumpA Pod.

Here's the video:

I will not be scrapping this way again in a hurry.  I will be back soon with a layout that starts with the photos!

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