Sunday, 29 March 2020

Scraplifting A Card | Laura Bassen

One of my favourite card makers to watch on YouTube is Laura Bassen.  This video inspired me to make a layout...

I started off gathering a rainboow of cardstock.  When making your own rainbow you are in charge of the colours so I made sure there was extra green and no pink!  I cut squares that were about 37mm - I was lining up to a mark on my mini guillotine which just happened to be 37mm.  I then chopped each square in half, and one of the resulting triangles in half.

The gathering and chopping process took a little under an hour.  I then assembled the triangles on a sheet of stickit adhesive.  This bit took about 30 minutes I guess.  I had my Silhouette cutting a few cut files at the same time and it passed pretty quickly and was strangely therapeutic.  Next step was to arrange them in a pattern on the centre of a 12x12.  To add extra interest I popped a few up on foam pads.  I varied the height of the foam pads too so some are on 1mm and some are on 3mm.

I added a sewn border around the square of triangles.  It needed a little something to keep it all in its place, but nothing too bold.  White thread was exactly the right balance between enough and too much.

I popped the photo up on a white layer which was also given the stitched border.  Then to finish things off I matched sequins to the coloured triangles.  I'm not sure what it says about me that I had all of the colours needed!

Here's the video:

Huge thanks to Laura Bassen for the inspiration!

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