Saturday, 28 March 2020

Scrapbooking | Rainbow

Scraptember are holding a cyber crop this weekend and one of the prompts was to make a rainbow laout.  I didn't need to be asked twice, rainbows are my favourite!

I always think of Sarah Costain when using a black background.  She really is the queen of black backgrounds.

The rainbow splatters are all made with Shimmerz products.  I love that these paint pots can sit unsed for more than a year and then rehydrate to their shimmery best in less than 10 minutes!  The hearts are from Colour Cast Designs.  (Like Shimmerz another fabulous company run by lovely people on the other side of the world... and makes me hate postal charges!)  I only order from Colour Cast once every 12-18 months... which come to think of it is probably a good thing!!  Because of this I tend to think of these acrylic pieces as precious and hoard them, so I'm pleased to get these big hearts used within a month of recieving them.

The everyday moments is cut from a PL card from Crafty Templates.  Finally, back to my usual cheerleading for a fabulous UK company!  I know I bang on about UK scrappy businesses so often but we need to support them.  Major plusses are no extortionate postal fees!

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