Thursday, 28 May 2020

Lollipop Box Club | In Green Pastures

I'm back with that 12x12 scrapbook layout I promised you using the latest Lollipop Box Club kit.

I started this page off on a block of 12x12 watercolour paper from Prima.  I added plenty of clean water to my page and then started adding splodges of colour.  My favourite watercolour paints are Daniel Smith colours.  I’m lucky to have built up a large and colourful palette and was able to pick out colours that perfectly matched the floral patterned paper that came in the Alice’s Tea Party box.  I followed up the painted splodges with several rounds of colourful splatters allowing the layers to dry before adding more.  If you add more splatters on top of wet splatters they will run and mix and merge together.   If you allow them to dry in between layers they will layer up as distinct splatters.  Both give great effects; it just depends on which look you are after.

Once that was dry I played around with a couple of strips of the floral patterned paper, a few die cuts and stickers until I found a layout that I liked.  I added a title using the alpha stickers included in the kit.  I pulled out a sheet of stickers from last month’s sticker book and added a little more embellishment.  I then made sure nothing would move by adding stitching with my sewing machine.  I love the extra texture sewing adds but on this occasion I could see that the alphas were not going to stay stuck over my photo and so sewing was needed!

I spent a day looking at the layout and trying to work out what was ‘wrong’ with it.  It was fine but I just didn’t love it.  I decided to frame the centre section of watercolour and have a clean white border.  Obviously when cutting up your layout you can’t go back if you don’t like it... luckily I liked it!  I added a couple of lines of sewing on the white border and that helped tie the middle and the outer pieces together visually.  

I’d love to know what you think... would you have cut the layout down or left it as is?

Here's the video:

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