Saturday, 2 May 2020

Pretty My Page | The Beginnings of a Home Schooling Mini Album

I thought I was going to be making a 12x12 layout with both the House Front cut file and the Cyber/Home School file from Pretty My Page... but I accidently cut them on different shades of white cardstock and they looked a bit off together.  I then discovered that my photos fit nicely inside the house windows and that led me down an entirely different path.

I figure I’m going to have quite a few photos of my nephews home schooling adventures and what better than keeping them all together in a mini album.  This might be the front page; it might evolve again as we go and become an inside page!  You can really tell this is in the “seed of an idea” stage and not the completed project that I would usually be sharing in a blog post!  This is a 6x6 page, the house being five and a bit inches at its widest point.

The cut file is such a cute design and for me was calling out to simply be backed with papers.  As I mentioned the subject my photos fit perfectly in the windows giving the illusion you were looking in to the house to the boys inside.  I chopped up one photo to fill the bottom two windows.  I then used the left overs of that 3x4 print to fill the top two windows.  It took a little bit of trickery as the bits left weren’t quite big enough to fill the windows – so I added some patterned paper curtains to cover the gap.  I hand cut a few abstract trees to accompany the house on the page and called it good.  I may go back and add some clouds but I’ll leave that decision until I know where I’m going with the rest of the album.

 Here's the process video:

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