Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Skull And Cross Buns | Hochanda

Skull and Cross Buns are on Hochanda on Friday 3rd July at 9am.  There are brand new exclusive stencils along with some awesome stamp sets.  I'll be sharing some samples I have made over the next few days.  First up...

I may have bought a dino baking set from Lakeland purely because the dinosaur stamp set will be feature on the show.  I may also have a pair of dino leggings on their way.  I am totally OK with my lack of willpower to resist everything dino!

All the stamping is done with my Pinkfresh ink cubes.  I am still really enjoying these inks - great colours and perfect coverage.

I've also thrown in a few stamps from the Planner Banner set as confetti around the page.

I also used the dino stamp set to make some wrapping paper for a little gift box.  I learnt that the ink will go staright through tissue paper so you need something super absorbant underneath else you'll be in smudge city!

And I'm finally on the slim line card bandwagon...

As you can see I really enjoy repeat stamping!  And what better than repeated dinos?!

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