Tuesday, 8 September 2020

StickerKitten | Punny Sentiment Alert

 Sharing a card today...

I love this card for a few reasons. Number 1 - I got to use ALL of my green inks!  Green is my favourite colour so I don't need much excuse, but I'm not sure I've used them all on one project before.

Number two is a punny sentiment.  I'm a big fan of these too!

Then there are the sequins.  I'm coming back to sequins after a little while away.  I seem to be wanting sequins on everything again.

 I also used one my thin frame dies.  Somehow defying logic, the frame doesn't fit back in the gap it has created so I had to adapt my plan and pop it on top instead.  I think it's the pressure the gemini puts on the die/paper that is stretching the fibres of the paper... does that sound about right to you?

Stamp set can be found here.

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