Saturday, 12 May 2012

Marbled Nails

I saw this technique of water marbling nail varnish on youtube.

I had to have a go!

Pink and purples for my first attempt.  I redid two or three nails as I misplaced my nail the first time and got a naf bit of pattern!  Because it is a really thin layer of polish it dried instantly and lasted ages.

Peach and coral for my second try.  Again I redid a coupe of nails.  Then added a little sequin.

It seems to work best for me with Barry M nail varnishes.  I tried to mix brands (pink from 17 and violet from No. 7) and it just didn't work.  And I had to change the water a few times - the nail varnish didn't spread across the surface of 'dirty' used water.

Good fun.

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  1. wow this is really cool! I am going to have to give it a go! Is the varnish dry when you take it out of the water or do you have to give it a few minutes? M x

    1. It is almost dry but I'd give it a few minutes before touching. Good luck, and post a photo!! x

  2. I had a go... but my nail polish drips just went straight to the bottom of the glass!! Tried Maybelline and 17 nail polishes... maybe the 17 is a bit cheap lol but the Maybelline did exactly the same! All my Barry M ones have dried up so perhaps it's an excuse for a shopping trip ;) M x

    1. A few of mine sunk as well. Did you try holding the brush with the drip very close to the surface of the water, almost placing it on to the water? That may work better than dripping it from a height...


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