Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Sorry Chaps. 
No work at the desk today. 
The Budgie and I sat outside after my physio session and relaxed in the sun.

The facts are: 
I haven't finished the curtain...
or the beaded union flag...
or the beaded Snoopy...
but it's just too sunny for me to be bothered!

I will be looking around your desks though via Julia's.

Thanks for stopping by!


How am I supposed to leave comments on lovely peoples desks when you sit there?!?!


  1. And who can blame you for that, we need to enjoy this weather while we can - LOL, love the birdcage. Happy sunning yourself WOYWW, Anne #18

  2. It is a bit tempting to not bother in this weather, isn't it?! We have to make the most of the sunshine anyway, don't we. My desk is in a n. facing room so is horrid in this weather, feels like I'm in a cave! Hope you are enjoying your sit in the garden X #60

  3. Don't blame you sitting outside, the weather is gorgeous.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the good weather with your feathered friend. The crafty projects will be waiting for you. Happy WOYWW from Laura #130

  5. Glad you are enjoying some lovely weather with your feathered friend. The crafty projects will be waiting for you on another day. :) Happy WOYWW from Laura #130

  6. I love the natural patina on your clay pots and I really love the shape of the pot on the far left! That's so cute taking the budgie out for a little sunshine too, and hey he may be a better typist than I am! As for the ant brad you asked about, it's from Eyelet Outlet, they make the cutest shaped brads! I hope you have a wonderful day, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. Fun photos...thanks for stopping by..Love the little birdie..Life is short we need to take advantage of the things we love to do and being with nature is so relaxing. TODAY however our WINDS are giving me time to visit.. Happy WOYWW Can't wait for ATC's next week.

  8. Can't blame you for making the most ofthe sun. Enjoy. Mark.

  9. Hahaha - your budgie is definitely the Star of the Show, how fantastic :D I love the look of your courtyard, it's very smart.It's been too hot for me to do much indoors as well, I've been catching up with some gardening as my garden's a tip after being away for a couple of months.
    Thanks for your fab comments and support, it has been much appreciated.
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  10. Enjoy the sun, I am, it may not last. Hope that last picture of your budgie was taken inside - or is it incredibly tame?

    Thanks for popping by earlier - much appreciated
    Ann B

  11. Hello Laura, your little cheeky birdy would go down a storm with my Doodly Bird lot.
    Ooh how exciting that you have marked my shop for your Christmas presents. I better get busy with ideas. But I think first like you a cuppa.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lynn 48
    One I Made Earlier Today

  12. A photo of your garden is just perfect for me today! #148

  13. Oh sitting outside and enjoying the sun is much better then doing crafting - especially as we haven't had much sun lately! Enjoy!!! Oh what a cute Budgie!

  14. I would love for you to come and play with my pots of glitter, I've had them so long I hope they dont go off lol. Can you send me some sun, its winter here and very cold
    Bridget #12

  15. shame about that wicked sun was looking forward to seeing your beaded union jack :)
    enjoy the sun and thanks for visiting me
    have a fab woyww
    kay #33

  16. Oh lucky you and budgie
    I only saw the sun for a short time at lunch time.
    Make the most of it
    janet #47

  17. Laura I think you've got the right idea today, it's been a hot one. Love the pics of your budgie editing, LOL. Thanks for sharing, hugs Erika. #90

  18. Don't worry about all those things Laura...just enjoy the sun. I think that's the best idea.
    I love the fact that you're budgie gets to enjoy the great outdoors with you.
    Can he talk? I used to know someone when I was a child whose budgie used to swear! She had difficulty shutting it up when the priest used to visit her...such a character. The budgie not the priest ;D
    Love the last photo ~ but I'd have thought he'd tweek and not blog?
    Enjoy your sunshine and WOYWW Neesie #11

  19. Do you think he is "Tweeting"? Hee Hee!
    I don't blame you for sitting outside to enjoy the sun - wish I could do that but my Boss won't let me - I have tried!
    Just to let you know my desks are back to their usual state as my Buddy has been up this evening! x

  20. Enjoy the nice weather while you can!! Your little birdie is adorable!!!!! Tulip says hi.

    Thanks for visiting me already!!!


  21. Lucky Billie, my parrot Regie has been outside under the parasol all day today too.Hope you had a nice relaxing day. I for one am just as happy seeing pics of Billie and your garden.
    Lottie x

  22. I think you have the perfect desk and I love your secretary, so cute. If my bird sat on the computer he would break it, he is a huge great parrot! Have a lovely day in the sun.
    Von #22

  23. A lovely garden and looks like a wonderful day for it. Did the bird type your comments today? #116

  24. glad to hear the weather is cooperating a bit with you and you can sit in the garden without getting damp. Love the Budgie! I wish I could convince my DH I need one also. Have a great week! Vickie @28

  25. Your budgie is so funny, mine is rather mad I'm afraid. Great idea to enjoy the lovely weather too. Take care & enjoy WOYWW, hoping your Thursday is a lovely one! Zo xx 80

  26. Your wee budgie is so sweet... a beautiful garden.. thanks for sharing.. Hugs May x x x#30

  27. Enjoy the sunshine and your feathered friend!!

    Jeannie #75

  28. Just run outside and sing along with your budgie.We haven't been seeing sun for a little while now.We are just heading into Winter.
    Judy #5


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