Saturday, 2 June 2012

Beady Seahorse

I am a member of The Beadwork Club
As a member they send me a Christmas present. 
This year was assorted green beads. 

This is what I made...

I roughly based the design on a pattern from the Brighton Bead Shop aka Beadsunlimited.

Good fun!


  1. Oh Laura I absolutely love your beaded seahorse, it is stunning. I love seahorses,I would so love to make one of these, is it difficult? It looks like you have used wire for the outline, can you give me any info at all about whether it would be suitable for a novice.
    Look forward to hearing from you when you return to blogland
    Lottie x

  2. Wow Laura this is so beautiful!

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! fabulous beading Laura!!

  4. Love the seahorse it looks wonderful and the way you have shaded with the beads is great. Your lovely ATC arrived this morning, thank you so much. It was after I had already finished my WOYWW post so I will save it to share next week then the other WOYWWers will get to see it.

    ** Kate **

  5. WOW!! That is amazing! Beautiful bead work!

  6. Beautiful........ are you going to turn it into a brooch?

    1. I may do in the end... At the moment I've attached it to a magnet and have it on my notice-board-come-inspiration-wall.


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