Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Birthday Card


Today I made this simple card with eyelets and ribbon.

Lovely ribbons from Crafty Ribbons simply stuck down at one end with a little glue and attached at the other end with a white eyelet.  I'm quite chuffed with this.  Obviously it won't be winning any prizes as it is just three bits of ribbon stuck on a card.  But I like it none the less.

I will enter in to Less Is More's One Layer Challenge -3 challenge.  (3 ribbons, 3 eyelets)

Thanks for stopping by!

* P.S.  It has been pointed out that the ribbon is in fact a layer.  I was thinking of layers in terms of card/paper.  What a wally!  Still not entirely sure what is allowed and what isn't... clearly not ribbon though!  Sorry Chrissie and Mandi!!! 


  1. I'm with you - quite striking!! Goes to prove simple can be the best!!

  2. It looks lovely, but it's really not one layer with the ribbons being the main feature and they are an added layer!
    It's a fabulous CAS design though!
    "Less is More"

    1. Ack! Still not quite got the hang of one layer... Sorry!

  3. Simply Lovely!!

  4. THis is a smashing idea


  5. Hi Laura
    In answer to your question. Ribbon IS allowed as an additional accent of the card design.
    For instance a stamped 'chandelier' then a ribbon as a decoration.
    Your card has the ribbon as the focal point, as Chrissie says.

    We do have a definition of our criteria at the top of the blog.
    Embellishemnts are allowed but just kepts to a minimum. A couple of gems or pearls as part of the design is great, but to say have them just in the corners servies no purpose...to our way of thinking!

    sorry if we sound mean lol
    Your card is, however, terrific!

    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

    1. No, no you don't sound mean! I was just trying to understand what was what!! Thank you for clearing it all up for me... bring on next months OLC!

  6. Your card is very lovely I love the idea with ribbon never tried that before thank you for your inspiration :)


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