Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Artist's Playroom 23

This week Jenn has asked us to illustrate a word

I chose 'paint'...

First off I painted a paintbrush white and then painted various stamps in neon colours and randomly added them. 

I can't say this was my idea... I nicked it from Julie but I thought it fitted this weeks theme perfectly!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fabulous idea adopted extremely well here. The neon colours are brilliant Laura. Love this! :0)

  2. how cool is this?! beautiful Laura!!

  3. Outstanding, Laura!! I saw the post about the paint brushes too, and I was certain yours BElonged in that bathroom!! Very cool way to respond to the prompt. You have inspired me to go with my BE word-in-art. Thanks so much!!

  4. Ha, a brush to inspire creativity around the clock! Love it.

  5. This is so darn cute! Loved it. :)

  6. What a great first I thought you were like me and just a mucky painter!
    But then on closer inspection the neon colours and stamps look great. LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  7. This is fabulous, I would love to paint all of my brush handles but the way I paint they would be covered in other paint in no time. The neon colours really do stand out, just great.

  8. this looks fantastic... I am thinking of raiding the shed to find some oldish brushes now... think they would look great on the wall... thanks for the inspiration...xx

  9. this was a hilariously good idea, to see a paint brush painted, love it. Great choice!

  10. Wow Laura, this is seriously cooooool!!! I love the way you've painted the bristles, too! Love it, love it!!


  11. I didn't see yours before I made mine, but altering paint brushes is sur becoming popular. I'll have to go check out Julia's blog since you say you got the idea from her. I did mine for Donna Downey's studio :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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