Friday, 24 August 2012


This Poppy painting has been 'on the go' since 2006.  At least that is when I saw a painting similar that wasn't available to buy so decided I would paint my own.  I took photos and measurements and came home from my holiday full of enthusiasm...

A few years after that I sketched the outline on to a canvas.

A few years after that I decided to paint it but had a fight with my easel and it won.

A few weeks ago I decided to go for it again, this time without the easel, just using the floor and a large plastic sheet.

Once I got started I wondered why it had taken me so long - I do so love painting!

I used acrylics for the centre, stem and leaf and Bombay Ink for the petals.

The ink I used is called 'red' so I was expecting it to be much redder than it turned out.  It seems more pink to me.

I have since ordered some more inks in various shades of red and I will do another to try and get it to look like it is in my head!

The ink was so lovely to use, something I wish I had tried out ages ago.

Now I'm hooked and planning a rose and maybe a pansy too...
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  1. wow!!! gorgeous! you are so talented!

  2. Hola Laura, thank you for your comment.Is nice to see you in my blog:D
    Simply...AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING WORK!!!! you're an artist.Well done.
    Hugs from Palma de Mallorca

  3. Laura, this is absolutely stunning... Even if it did take you years to complete, you've done a superb job on this poppy. I love the colour - much more subtle and unusual than red. It is amazing... Love the close-up detailed shots too. Amazing technique. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work of art with us.


  4. Wow this is gorgeous - what an amazing piece of work.
    Suzie xx

  5. I really like this. The textures on the petals are amazing!

  6. wow, really beautiful! I love the pink, really pretty and relaxing. M x

  7. Love it! Go on with rose and pansy...


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