Saturday, 11 August 2012

Turquoise and Lime

After watching quietly for a couple of weeks I decided to play along at The Artists Play Room.

I was nervous of joining in because I'm not an artist...

Then I read this...

"Here's my first challenge. Are you an artist? Can you say it out loud, for all the world to hear? I've had trouble with claiming "artist" status in the past, but when I embraced all that it meant, I found it so freeing to be what I was from the inside out. I've been an artist since the moment I could pick up a pencil, I just didn't say it out loud. I want to encourage you to SAY IT OUT LOUD by joining me in my "Artist's Play Room" every Saturday. You don't have to be great, just create!"

The theme for the week was turquoise and lime.

I came up with this:

One without flash

and one with flash to show off the sheen and pearl.

And a few close ups...  Glitter

Glass beads.

Texture gel.

And a bucket of ingredients.

After a couple of nothing days (M.E.) I do hope I get it linked up in time, I've left it VERY late! 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WoW!! I could have sworn at the top of this post you said "I'm not an artist".....Helloooo!?! You certainly are!! Loving this very much! :0)

  2. It is fabulous!! Love the textures and the color blends.

  3. Can I TOTALLY agree with Twinkletoes?? Who claimed to NOT be an artist?? *Jen steps onto her soapbox* An artist is one who is compelled to create, to make beauty out of their surroundings using whatever is available. The title artist is in your heart, anyone who does all those creative things AND produces pieces as beautiful as the one you submitted to APR is an artist. Period.
    *Jenn steps off her soapbox*
    Have a lovely day and welcome to the ARTIST'S Play Room, lol. :o)

  4. I am so glad you "joined up"! This is so beautiful! I love the sparkles and tiny beads. Thanks for showing your basket of supplies. I have never even used any of those products. They are wonderful, or what you did with them is wonderful.

  5. Artist=one who creates art! This certainly qualifies--you did a fantastic job with all the layers and texture!

  6. What a great entry, I agree with the other comments, you certainly ARE an artist. Love the depth of all the textures. Glad you joined the APR.


  7. You are sooo an artist!! Wow, there is so much in that piece, I could look at it for hours. Thanks for showing the 'ingredients' to your piece. I never know what people use to make such gloriously textured pieces and this really helps to understand the process.
    Fabulous piece.


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