Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Toys

Just sharing this card.  I must admit by the end I was wondering who on earth would have such a stupid idea... let's just say there was a lot of cutting involved and my scissors and I were no longer friends at the end!!
I used this collection of ribbons and created lots of depth.

It is quite effective though...

...maybe I should make friends with my scissors again?!

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  1. Laura, just go ahead and be friends with your scissors - even if it was hard work the card turned out very unique and gorgeous! I like it - looks like a village with a lot of life!


    Charlotta / La Vikinga

  2. Really lovely and obvious how much work went into it. Don't think I would have stuck at it.

  3. That is amazing Laura, I wouldn't want to give it away! I can imagine how hard it was to cut grosgrain like that!

    Cazzy x


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