Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Deck of Altered Cards

I've finished off and packaged up my altered deck of cards for Jessica's swap.  (The general info is; you alter a deck of playing cards, put an inspirational quote on each card, send them to Jessica, Jessica sorts through them all and sends you 52 different cards from all of the decks - that's one unique piece of art with an inspiring quote for each week of the year!)

Playing cards and ATC's are the same size so essentially it is a massive ATC swap.
I photographed them and packaged them up without looking at the photos I had taken.  They aren't the best photos I've taken but hopefully you will get the gist...

Here is what I created:

This is one of my favourites in terms of the background and embellishment with sequins.

Some quotes were used multiple times but the cards all ended up individual

Another one I like a lot.  The purple splodges (that is a technical art term) were taking ages to dry so I wiped them off and loved the smudged effect it left.

This might be me in art form.  Washi, paint, neon, a bit messy, green... these are a few of my favourite things!

Aah, more neon!!  And I love this quote...

Love the background on this card.

So I have packed them all up and I'm very excited to think how far flung around the world they will end up, hopefully raising smiles where ever they end up.

Today I've also listed a few sets of photo cards on eBay if you are in need of topping up your card drawer.  I've never tried selling cards on eBay before but seeing as I am not well enough to do any fairs and don't see myself being able to for some time I thought I'd try.  Do you sell your crafts online?  Got any tips for me?!  Also, does anyone have experience of Etsy?  Again, tips welcomed!  :)

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  1. Fab idea. I don't dop ATCs, because I just don't have the room to keep them. I like swaps that can be used.

    I really like the purple one.

  2. Laura, this is so cool. I want to go and grab a pack of cards now : )

  3. These are wonderful Laura,what a fabulous idea,must admit I've never made an ATC...Have a lovely weekend...
    Mandy x


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