Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hello WOYWWers!  (If you are thinking 'eh?!' pop over to Julia's for all the details...)
Well so far this week has been  v e r y   s l o w.  I doesn't make much sense but then ME rarely does! 

I have been working in 10 minute chunks on an altered deck of cards for a swap.  There has been lots of layering so there have been plenty of rests while paint dries.  The perfect project for picking up and putting down as and when.  And I'm pleased with how it is going too, which always helps! 

My sale parcel arrived from Crafty Ribbons yesterday...  yes I know... I need to grow up... but it was fun!

Other than that I've just been hanging out with this little beauty.  I'm itching to make a page in the second week of The Craft Barn dictionary challenge so hopefully today I can make a start.

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  1. how cute , a few years ago we had 2 budgies . Happy woyww #56

  2. Ooh is that a Mug Tree holding your ribbon?! What an awesome idea...Happy WOYWW Cx #84

  3. Sorry your ME hasn't been good.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished altered playing cards.

    Can't get over how much your budgie looks like one I had:)

  4. Your desk is looking good and I love the colour of your ribbons, great smiley face. Keep at the altered art piece I will be back to see the finsihed thing.
    Ria #92

  5. Such a pretty bird. And your craft ribbon face made me smile. It's always good to have projects that we can do in the stolen moments of time. Glad you're liking them. Happy WOYWW! LisaDV #116

  6. Altering playing cards sounds fun, and bite-sized projects are always good when you can't spend days and days at your desk.
    What a beautiful bird! =)

    Happy Wednesday!
    /Zildara #96

  7. Your desk looks like there's lots of creativity and fun going on. Your little birdie is adorable! He looks like he wants to play in the craft room too!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #126

  8. I love ribbon to..... Have to much but like you I shaw that big jar full at the back of your desk's lovely
    Love your little bird

  9. I got my Sale package the other day & I was so excited it was silly, haha. I do love a bit of ribbon. I love your idea of altering a deck of cards. I look forward to seeing the progress. I'm doing the altered dictionary challenge over at the Craft Barn too. Hope to see you there :0) Mo

  10. What a pretty bird! Both of your challenges sound really cool. I'm so dense that I didn't see the face in your pile of ribbon until I noticed someone's comment to that effect. Hope you're having a good day! Happy WOYWW from Laura #119

  11. Spped doesn't matter, just so long as long as you enjoy the doing. And if the doing produces something you're pleased with - hell, what a bonus!! The ribbon is deeeeeeelicious, do you have aplan or is it just for stock?!

  12. I love how you arranged your ribbons!! THAT is really fun!! Love your workspace too. It looks like mine! Just not as messy!!

  13. I can empathize with the CFS/ME and how it affects your life. I was diagnosed fibromyalgia CFS/ME a couple years ago and I am still learning how to handle good and bad days! Beautiful bird! Thanks for sharing and have a great crafty week! Vickie #35

  14. Hope you are able to get your dictionary page done soon! Lovely desk you share today. Helen, 9

  15. A whole altered deck, wow! And what a pretty bird, you lucky lady!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha #164 this week
    and a little late!

  16. Keep Calm and Keep Crafting. :-) I understand about finding time - you spend what you can. What a beautiful budgie. :-) April #110


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