Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Here is this weeks desky photo...

I'll be spending today carving polystyrene.  Hopeful it'll be ready to show next Wednesday.


I've also attempted to photograph my star garland.  I had made these origami stars ages ago.  I've recently strung them all together on cotton and hung them under my picture shelf.  They look really happy...  I just need to clear the back of my  desk to show them off a bit better.

Speaaking of which I found this on facebook this morning - so true!

I'm off to link up at the lovely Julia's and have a quick hop around deskland :)

Have a good day


  1. Forgive me if I don't hang around, cutting polystyrene is one of those sounds I can't stomach!! Helen,8

  2. You are so going to have a messy desk at the end of the day lol! Interesting, can't wait to see what you're crafting. Have a fab WOYWW, Deb #100

  3. Beautiful origami stars - I love doing origami sometimes too x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #59

  4. Ooh I'm intrigued with the polystyrene

    Hugs Helen #73

  5. I hope you don't mind but I need to copy your facebook find so I can put it on my blog it is so true of so many of us. Love your pretty little stars and can't wait to see what you are making
    Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
    Ria #39

  6. LOL I lovvvve that sign it should go on my grave stone, it is so trueVery intruiged by the polystyrene, I wonder what you are making
    thanks for sharing and have a good week
    janet #43

  7. Laura that is me in my craft room! Great desk can't wait to see what you are carving, I'm intrigued!
    Have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika.

  8. Intriguing! Carving polystyrene! Looking forward to seeing what you've made out of it. Love that saying, so true XX

  9. Love the little stars, not so sure about carving polystyrene, be careful of the dust and breathing it in. How true is that saying, lol!

    Brenda 104

  10. Well, you've shown us pictures of things miscellaneous today! Carving polystyrene makes my teeth itch, it's that squeaky noise! How do you stand it!!! Brrrrrr....... Your star garland is really sweet, it looks great strung up like that! You obviously have more patience than me because we do simple origami with the kids at school and I'm just not cut out for it!
    Ad that saying is perfect! I could do with that on my wall...........
    Thanks for dropping by,
    LLJ 32 xxxx

  11. what are you up to with the polystyrene? BJ the intrigued. Thanks for visiting me this week BJ #69

  12. I totally love your star magical!Beautiful and super creative! happy WOYWWW

  13. Gawd, for a minute there i thought your ceiling was on your desk! Hmm, are you carving in dimension or flat for stamping type things? How fascinating. Have fun! Cute fat stars, i really like those..wouldnt they look fab folded around some `LED lights.

  14. I can't wait to find out how this turns out
    Rosie x

  15. Interesting...styrofoam carving...have to see what come of it. Love the garland made with the stars. That Facebook saying is so true! I get in there to pick up and put away and get so distracted I forget what I am doing! Thanks for dropping by and visiting at my desk! I enjoyed getting a peak at your projects and looking yours! Have a great week. Vickie #11

  16. Now what on earth are doing with polystyrene ? Hhmmm Love the origami stars! And so true so true. Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

  17. interesting what is going to become of the polystyrene but not my thing as the noise makes me cringe and get goosebumps eek would need to wear earphones LOL so just need to come back to see what you do as im now curious . Those stars on the other hand are ace and look great that quote is fab may just need to 'pin it' have a great week Andrea#14

  18. Can't wait to see what you're making!
    Kath x

  19. Love that star garland, they really do look happy! They've been on my list of things to make for a while, thanks for the reminder. And that quote is soooooooo true lol. Thanks for visiting my blog. #113

  20. I am hopeless at getting round the WOYWW desks these days! Had a full day with Annie and the twins and it threw me out completely!! I love your latest projects - especially your knitting/buttons card - really pretty. Have a good weekend. x Jo

  21. love the star garland. Thanks for visiting me. Ooh the sound of cutting polystyrene... yuk!!!! You are braver then me!!! jenx


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