Sunday, 21 April 2013

Alpha Challenge - W is for Whippoorwill

I have had a little energy to spend on crafting today.  Big huge smiles. 

It's nice not to be sneaking in at the end this time around!  I'm here in plenty of time to enter The Craft Barn's wonderful Alpha Challenge.  The rules for this fortnight were a 'W' word and circles.

I chose:

And this is what I came up with...

The science bit...

The circles...

And a close up of the bird...

And yes, they really do have tiny beaks and whiskers!  I think to be really accurate it should be slightly sleeker, less rounded, but hey, we can say it's cold so he has fluffed his feathers up!!  :)
I would love to see one of these in the flesh - or should that be in the feather!

Thank you for stopping by and for leaving such nice comments.  (I will try and return comments as soon as I am feeling up to it )   :)


  1. Fab painting/drawing of the bird. I have heard of it, but thought it was a type of wind:)

    Glad you have a little more energy. You take care not to over do it.

  2. Hi Laura; what a cute bird and good idea to use an old book to alter this way! This is just what Nathalie Kahlbach would have done; we did an altered book in her class in Stockholm two weeks ago! We used paint and also ripped a few pages out and made flowers of them!


  3. Superb painting! I'm always fascinated at how nature gives the necessary skills for survival. Camouflage is an awesome skill.
    Nature has given you art as your skill to get you through the tough times :0) Mo

  4. This is so beautiful, Laura. I am so pleased that you are able to do some crafting again,
    Rosie x

  5. Oh Laura! You have done it again...a fantastic job that is! What a fabulous word to use my lovely Now I didn't know they had whiskers, learnt something new now :D

    Karen from The Craft Barn xxx

  6. Fabulous drawing of this bird and great W word choice in all brilliant pages


  7. Gorgeous bird. Love your pages.

  8. Beautiful drawing once again. great page
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

  9. Brilliant drawing of the bird - never heard of that one before. You're drawings are always great!!

  10. Hi Laura, thanks for visiting my World page, and wow you clever thing - drawing a bird I have vaguely heard of but wouldn't recogise if it sat on my lap!

    I'm not so happy with my page but I am working on another one that I really love, a bit of smudging again, which I am annoyed with myself for allowing but it is looking good and I hope to finish it soon.

    Cazzy x

  11. What a delightful word and a delightful little birdy too. I adore birds, and really ought to go fill the birdbath! Your painting is amazing. BJ

  12. Such a wonderful page, great details.

  13. Fabulous bird ,love your drawing. Now you have set me off thinking that there was a song about a whippoorwill, will drive me mad trying to think of it !

  14. Beautiful drawing. Love your pages. MMx

  15. Another amazing page and beautiful drawing.

    Sylv xx

  16. What a wonderful page! I adore this bird :-) Great work. Suzanne x

  17. Love your bird, never heard of him before so it's always good to learn new names! Valerie

  18. Beautiful, that little bird and the circled background!

  19. Great word choice and a lovely bird! xx

  20. Gorgeous page for such a wonderful word choice! Love you little bird! :)

  21. Amazing artwork and I've never heard of this bird before.


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