Thursday, 13 June 2013

Alpha Challenge - U is for Uniped

Well, this wasn't easy... there were not many options for the Craft Barns Alpha Challenge U page.  There were plenty of U words, of course there were - it's a dictionary!  But they didn't fit with my theme of wildlife... until I stumbled across

So I illustrated Helix the Snail.

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  1. Great idea - love the markings on his shell and educational too!!

  2. What a good idea to focus on wild-life, even if it does present something of a challenge with some of the letters! You rose to it brilliantly with this one - uniped, wow! Lovely illustration of the word and so inventive. xxx Julie Ann

  3. I didn't know a snail had a "foot"... :-) Of course I've never looked "under" a snail either. I think you've chosen a great word. I also didn't know that word. Your page is awesome!

    1. If you ever have half an hour spare and you are wondering what a snails foot looks like...
      1 dissolve some sugar in a bit of water,
      2 find a snail,
      3 'paint' the sugar water on to a window,
      4 put the snail on the sugar solution on the window,
      5 go to the other side of the window for awesome views of the snails foot and mouth parts! (It'll will feast on the sugar)
      *sigh* I know I'm crazy :D

  4. What a brilliant page, I love your recipe to see a snail's foot.
    I am so pleased you didn't choose trade unionism above it in dictionary - nowhere near as entertaining!
    Rosie x

  5. Fantastic, great take on the "u". In my french dictionary aren't many words, too.

  6. Fabulous, love the snail image, its a great page.

  7. Rather too many in my garden but your drawing is great.

  8. Well done for finding a word to fit in with your theme. Great illustration as always.

  9. Love it and I love snails they are fascinating little creatures. Think your page is brilliant!

  10. Great idea - I don(t like snails but maybe it is time for me to study them to... snail foot..?

  11. Kiwi in Timbertown.
    Great image of a snail, great page

  12. Love your unique take on the challenge.. fabulous word choice...beautifully illustrated :)

  13. Fabulous word choice and illustration. It's funny how so many of us are going for a theme within the theme.

  14. Love Helix great word choice and fabulous drawing

    Maggie H

  15. Yes - just what I want to do - see the underbelly of the snail!!!!! You word is really good and your snail even better. Very creative!

  16. Great drawings as usual Laura and you did very well to find a word at all! MMx

  17. Catching up on comments after my hols, fabulous page, love the snail, the shell is amazing. Another new word for me.

    Sylv xx

  18. Love the colours on the shell. Awesome!
    Thank you for playing with us at the Craft Barn


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