Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday Smiles


I didn't turn the computer on until after lunch!  I know I'm trying to spend less time on it but even I didn't think I would ever not switch it on until after lunch!! 

I spent some time with my Nan this morning, which always makes me smile.

Ali is running a jewellery week next week, which is making me smile.

And when we arrived back from holiday Gramps' rose was in full bloom  :)  which made me smile all over my face.  Lovely man, I miss him.

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  1. ribbon and button jewellery? that sounds interesting.

    Glad you got some nice time with your Nan.

  2. That really is a gorgeous rose.
    I am trying cut my hours on the computer down too, as I tend to stiffen up and then bits ache and ankles swell....but it has to go on as I wake up with a coffee...well thats my excuse ....I think I need to have a timer by my side though.xx

  3. How lovely to have time with your Nan this morning....treasure every minute.
    What a beautiful rose to remember a special person with.
    Annie x

  4. Beautiful rose. Glad you have happy memories of your gramps.

    Off to have a look at Ali's blog.

  5. Beautiful rose and what a lovely way to remember your gramps!
    Jo x

  6. gorgeous rose, i hope its a fragrant one

    Gill x

  7. Gorgeous Rose. I love the way that certain things can bring back lovely memories of lost ones. Thanks for sharing a smile. Caro x (#10)

  8. Beautiful rose! When I lived in UK I had a Peace rose in my garden for my Mum. It meant such a lot to see it bloom. Kate x

  9. What a lovely way to remember someone - a scrumptious rose like that.
    Smiles to you,

  10. What fabulous rich colour in that special rose. x Jo


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