Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Smiles

We've been having browsing problems with our internet, it's hugely frustrating.  I have a backlog of posts!  I didn't get to join in with Friday Smiles last week as the internet would not bring up any BlogSpot pages.  So here is last weeks Friday Smiles...

Little pink and purple smiles from the garden in a cute little jug displayed on the shelf with my deck swap cards.

 If you've not joined in before ahve a go this week, if nothing else you'll get to see Annie's munchkins' 'selfie'  :D


  1. Love the flowers in the pretty jug.

    Hope you can get the things done you want.

  2. Pretty little jug and flowers - and such clever little cards too. x Jo

  3. I love pretty jugs the flower head on the shelf. Thanks for sharing ....hope your system is working properly now xx

  4. There is nothing quite like a few garden flowers in a little jug to make you smile is there.....sooo pretty.
    Annie x

  5. What a pretty jug and flowers. XX

  6. Very summery and totally agree with the sentiment on the card .... The one about art

  7. Technology is fantastic until it starts to play up and then it can take you right to the edge!
    I love to cut flowers and place them in a vase.
    They always make me smile :D


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