Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Smiles

This is what I spray The Budgie with...

Bear with me, I'm not advertising!  (Budge certainly wouldn't endorse it, she hates being sprayed!)

Here are the ingredients...

Distilled water - fine.
Pure Aloe Vera Distillate - good.
Wetting agent?  Erm..?!  What!  Isn't that water?

Made me smile so I'm sharing at Friday Smiles...


  1. That's so funny. We used to give ours a bird bath full of warm wetting agent and he used to help himself.
    Annie x
    Ps it was a dolls house they were unwrapping :-)

  2. My budgie use to love being fine mist sprayed.

  3. Very funny! Thanks for sharing a smile. Caro x (#5)

  4. Hahaha, thanks for the (big) smile!
    Carol xx

  5. I missed last Friday's smile which meant I missed this so I'm really happy to catch up today ... this is so funny. You would think that a wetting agent would be water but here comes the technical bit. The EM, who was a research chemist in a past life, tells me that it would be a miniscule amount of liquid soap. Apparently, without the soap/wetting agent, the water would just run off Budge's feathers, defeating the purpose of Rain. Liquid soap is there to break down the surface tension on the feathers so the water can penetrate. And that will be why Budge hates the Rain :) Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx


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