Thursday, 26 September 2013

Portraits with a Twist

I can't thank Julie Fei Fan Balzer enough for putting me on to this tutorial and technique.  I'd had a bad few days of crafting with results that were worse than bleurgh! 
Then I cut my thumb. 
I was blue. 
I didn't want to craft.

I had bookmarked this tutorial and something made me decide now was the time to try it out. 
Here are the results...

 It was hit and miss with the photos... I tried loads and these were the only four I could make it work for.  I'm going to spend some time looking through my photos and figuring out what makes them work and then take photos specifically to use for this technique.

So much fun... can be done in any colour... I'm thinking of a line of the same photo in rainbow colours...

I'm so glad to have my oomph back.  It just makes me see that
a. not everything I make will work or be satisfactory - and this is OK,
b. there is no point in making things that are not 'me' and 'my style' because it just drains what little energy I have,
c. I need to concentrate on the gifts that I have been given and using them to their best.

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  1. These are simply stunning! The effects on the photographs are fabulous. Elizabeth xx

  2. That red painting is gorgeous! You did an awesome job on these. Thanks for linking to my tutorial :)

  3. Glad you have your oomph back:)

  4. Fabulous idea. Your own versions are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing Laura :0) x

  5. These look fantastic, off to check out the tutorial. I had a good day yesterday too and will blog the results in a minute when I've finished reading my blog feed.



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