Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I haven't been very organised this WOYWW - no photo taken last night so I could link up early.  There was nothing on my desk last night and I was pooped!  This week I've had an enormous clear out/sort/purge/reorganise.  It occurred to me this morning that last week I showed you Christmas cards that I was working on rather unenthusiastically... Did I really put off making Christmas cards to tidy?  That can't be true.  I procrastinate, sure, of course I do, but putting things off to tidy?!  That is just crazy!!  It's usually put tidying off to do anything else!!

Anyway today's desk is pretty much the same as last week.  Christmas cards in the making.  Then I was joined by a 'helper' and everything was hastily swept side so she could have a run around on the cutting mat.

A face as bright as the sun :)

Can anyone help me?  As I went to crop and add my name to these photos I discovered the edit button on the photo section of google+ has gone.  Is it just me or has anyone else discovered this?  Also, how do you add your name to your photos?  What programme do you edit them with?  And most importantly, is it easy?!

Have a good week lovely desk hoppers!


  1. Now that's an original workspace decoration!

    Thanks for visiting us already

  2. Oh, I love your little helper Laura!!..
    I need to have a good tidy of my crafty's a real mess!! Enjoy making the Christmas cards (Can't believe I actually said the C word!)
    I use to edit and add names to my's easy to use.
    Jan x

  3. Sorry cant help with the photo issue as don't use that but your helper is so cute :-)
    Happy crafting and WOYWW
    Kay #41

  4. You have a budgie!! I have budgies too :) 23 of them to be exact. but only 6 live in the house.

    Rachael no. 94 :) x

  5. Awwww I love your little helper.
    I'm sorry I didn't get round to visit last sort of got in the way. I struggled to find the time to do all the things I needed to do let alone the things I wanted to do :-)
    A x # 49

  6. She is so pretty. The exact same colours as my last male budgie had.

  7. Fun helper. He's thinking Christmas also.
    I'm no help with Google +. Haven't figured it out yet.

  8. No help with google. I use apps for photo editing you can download free. 93

  9. 'tweet' photo is he a birdie for Christmas.
    can help with the editing .... try mary anne she may know
    janet #37

  10. Hi Laura, love the helper, we used to have budgies, one thought he was a human for sure!

    I don't know on the google thing, isn't there a help button somewhere? (google it ha haha).

    Cazzy x #66

  11. Eeek !!! Sorry - no help with Google + photo thingy as I don't use that :-(
    Such a pretty little bird - you're sooooo right about the sunny little face. Cute !!


    IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx


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