Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pillow Pouches

I don't do Halloween, it has never appealed to me, not even as a child.  However the two little ones next door do, and their Mum asks if they can knock... so I've done these up for them this year.

Inside are a few sweets and lollies.

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  1. What a lovely neighbour you are
    Rosie x

  2. Lovely. Bet the kids were chuffed.

    I've only once had Trick or Treaters round, so don't have anything in.

  3. These are fabulously adorable! I love the way you've used two ribbons and tied them separately! I hope I remember this the next time I have a small gift. Maybe I need to wrap up an empty sampler to keep my memory fresh. I'm glad you shared this, it's so inspiring.

  4. These are great. How kind of you to join in when it's not really your scene. xxx


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