Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Altered Cracker Gift

It's my turn over at Crafty Ribbons Inspirations today...

One of the cracker gifts that I have saved from the Christmas festivities is a metal bookmark.  I wanted to pretty it up with ribbons.  I also received a chocolate cook book as a gift so I thought why not use the chocolate ribbons and make it matching...

It was simple to personalise... just pick your ribbons, tie them on, et voilĂ !

Of course I had to test it in the chocolate cook book which meant drooling over several recipes to find the right page to photograph it on ;)

You can find the chocolate ribbon collection here and the book here and the chocolate... well, that's long gone!!


  1. Hi Laura, that is a great idea, I have a naked book mark like that, and I certainly have lots of lovely ribbons, even chocolate ones! Ribbons might help me find my book mark when I have put it down!

    Cazzy x


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