Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Smiles

I didn't think I'd be joining in this weeks smiles.  There has been an awful lot of sleeping and not much smiling.  But yesterday evening I looked out the window and thought, actually, life is pretty beautiful really...

Friday Smiles over at Annie's is a place to share anything that has made us smile this week...


  1. Oh wow wow wow....I love it. Seeing a sky like that always makes me want to paint it :-) ......if only I could :-)
    Annie x

  2. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. x Jo

  3. Those sky pics look like paintings..... maybe you should paint them. Hope you are happier this week,
    Jo x

  4. Yes indeed, Laura. This beautiful scene makes me smile. What a perfect way to wake each morning. You have captured this day perfectly. Happy Friday Smiles.

  5. Mother Nature sure knows how to make us smile:)

  6. If you visit my blog from time to time you will know you have hit my all time favourite thing to photograph. I love skies, and this one is beautiful. Thanks for the smile. Kate x

  7. Gorgeous photographs. Thanks for the smile. Caro xx


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