Sunday, 19 January 2014


I had so many good blogging intentions for the weekend yet mid afternoon on Sunday and nothing...
Tut tut! 

I had a few parcels arrive recently... One order from Cocoa Daisy's sale, one prize, one swap, one little tiny sale order from Time To Sow and an sale order from Panduro.  Panduro infuriate me!  A big craft company, you would think, would be capable of packaging orders well.  No.  I'd ordered a stack of 12x12 card which arrived damaged because it was bunged in a big box with very little packaging, and rattled it's way to my house.  I complained and they sent another one.  Unfortunately it was packed in the same manner and was not perfect either.  I'm not bothering to complain again, I haven't the will or energy.  It just makes me cross.  Especially when all the other parcels I received from 'little' companies were perfectly packaged.

Today I'm going to share the prize I won on Nicole's blog.  I won this kit and this add on from Scraptastic Kit Club.  I often look at kits and think 'is it worth it' or 'well, I wouldn't use a quarter of it' or, and this is the most common, 'when you add on P&P it's too expensive.'  I follow a few of the Cocoa Daisy design team and often want their kits but postage from the States makes it too expensive to justify.  I occasionally buy from them in the sales (more on that in another post, hopefully soon...)

So imagine my delight at opening this parcel and finding all this...

amazing vellum doily sheet,  loads off alpha stickers and Christmas embellishments

Loads off cardstock and papers

Most double sided

Oodles of die cuts, stickers, wood pieces, washi, twine, flair and cut out words.

So, so much!  The photography doesn't do the colours justice or show off the entire kit.  This is because a.  I'm tired.  b.  The light is naf and I have forgotten everything I learnt in my photography course.  c.  I've used some bits already :)

I spent an hour ogling the kit and then fired off a couple of thank you emails.  I was blown away by how much was included.

I have so many ideas for a Christmas album but at the moment lack any photos to make one!!  I have just become an Auntie so maybe this December will bring the right photos to make up an album.

It all arrived in perfect condition and was packed beautifully (take note Panduro!!)

Also, while I'm here and actually making semi-sense, Crafty Ribbons have a DT call out (details here) and I'd love for you to consider joining our team.  We are friendly and Ali spoils us rotten with her exclusive ribbons :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your weekend has been more productive than mine!!

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  1. Well done on your various parcels.

    That crafting stash looks fab.

    Many congrats at becoming an Auntie.

    Makes me cross when most parcels are wrapped up just right, but then the big companies can't be bothered. Glad you complained after the first lot


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