Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Christmas...

Last year I was quite low in November and when I saw Carmen was running a Secret Santa I wanted to join in.  I had a look at posts from the previous years and decided I needed to join in.  So I did.  When the swap came through I discovered I was buying for the boss!  Well, you can’t get much scarier than that!  I did some gentle stalking and made a list (I do like a list!)  Here is what Santa parcelled up and sent off to Carmen:

In return Ally was my Secret Santa.  I can’t say thank you enough to Ally.  I appear to have forgotten to take a before photo…  I unpacked the parcel and found beautifully wrapped presents.  10!  Thank you Ally!  I put them under my tiny tree - here is the tree minus the presents…

On Christmas Day I opened a few and as the day wore on and the ME started biting I put the others aside and opened them on Boxing Day.
Here is what I was lucky enough to receive:

A candle.
Cute little tapes (one is rainbow coloured *big smiles*)
A hand hottie – perfect :)
A friendly bag in an awesome design.
Malteasers.  Always a favourite.
Rub Ons.  Always a favourite.
Washi tape.  Always a favourite.
Nail varnish.  Always a favourite.  And I notice that the box was ripe for altering when I have finished with it how it is…
A beady knitting kit – now this is a problem challenge.  I’ve been taught to knit five times and each and every one of those five times has failed.  My brain just can’t ‘get’ knitting.  So I’m going to do all the non-knitty bits (threading the beads on) and then watch Mum do the knitting!!

So so much loveliness!!  
I am one lucky lady and I will definitely be joining in this years swap too.  And a big thank you must go to Carmen for doing all the organising and to Ally for being so generous a Santa!!



  1. You sure got a lovely selection of pressies from your SS. I know you won't be able to finish those maltesers, so feel free to send some to me:)

  2. Wow! Those are *awesome* Secret Santa gifts - what fun :-) Hope you are feeling a little better
    BTW I got here via cjs14; it's nice to meet you.

  3. You are more than welcome, glad that you loved the gifts. Happy new year x


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