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Happy WOYWW!!

I'm a bit late with my desk-y post as the postman brought me a parcel.  I have a pile of floppy disks that have things on - but I have no idea what.  I ordered a USB disk drive and had a peep...  4 disks were readable - nothing of any importance, a few word docs of card prices from my time doing parties and fairs.  3 disks were not readable.  They say they need to be formatted but formatting will wipe the disks.  :(  The disk labelled photos/wedding is in this pile.  I am more than a tad gutted.

Hey ho, on with the desk...

I'm thinking the wire I pulled out of some wired ribbon looks pretty good woven together as a 'bird's nest'

I'm thinking mini album made of the now empty disks :)

I'm also thinking finish tidying desk before getting the next project out!!

Thanks for visiting, leave me a comment and I'll return the visit :)

p.s. DT call looking for talented non-card makers who use ribbon... WOYWW is full of talented crafters/artists... x


  1. We have found numerous discs while sorting ready for our move and most were unreadable...guess if we hadn't used them lately we wouldnt miss them :-)
    Annie x # 39

    1. Don't throw those discs away. There are lots of free programs out there that can recover things like that, in the same way that the Police could. xx Maggie

  2. You do realize there are some who don't know what floppy discs are lol! Or vhs tapes for that matter. Lovely ideas, the birds nest is intriguing!! Thanks for visiting me!
    Angie #75

  3. I love the way you think. I'd never think of using the disc in a crafting project, or the wire for that matter.

    Hope you can sort out the discs so you don't delete anything.

  4. I can't remember the last time I used/saw a disk. #2

  5. I haven't seen/used discs like these for quite a few years. I bet I have some somewhere but no way to read them and they're probably unreadable too. Your birds nest sounds interesting... Thanks for visiting my space and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #10

  6. Speaking of floppy disks, I just sorted through all our old VHS and cassette tapes. (As in, tossed them all!) I wonder what media will replace our cds & dvds?

    Love your little wire nest, cute!

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #5

  7. Surely there must be a way to get the info off those disks? Contact Shaz Silverwolf (another desker), her hubby is a computer genius. He may have a suggestion as to how to proceed??
    I like your colour stacks in the back of shot!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  8. Now there's a blast from the past! I think our very first PC had a floppy disc slot along with the disc reader, but we never used it. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a stash of unused fabric. Thanks for stopping by today.

  9. Gosh you are doing alot of thinking this week - LOL. Thanks for the tip on using an online anagram solver to use up my letters - written that one down - thanks for visiting me this week too BJ#52

  10. Goodness I didn't know you could still get things to read them on. I'm assuming if I don't know what's on mine then I wouldn't miss it anyway. Definitely going to look into that DT call if it includes scrapbookers! Thanks. #35

    1. Ooh, Lisa Jane pleeease consider submitting some work, I'd love to have a scrapper join the team :)

  11. I actually use discs all the time, to create MP3's to play in the car, to transfer videos to DVD or to BluRay. I also record a lot of craft programmes to DVD, especially all Barbara Gray's programmes on Create and Craft, so that I can always go back and refresh my memory on how she used each set of stamps. My daughter and her family use the inside of electric cable to create beautiful little trees, so that wire from the ribbon would be right up her street. As far as my sorting is concerned, I have been a little canny in that all my special favourites are the ones I have moved out of the room, so I know they will get sorted properly asap. Don't be too hasty in destroying those discs. There are lots of free programs available to recover the info. Good luck with that. xx Maggie #21

  12. Hello Laura. Trust you manage to sort the disks - it really is very frustrating when technology which is supposed to be "backward compatible" just isn't!!!
    Thanks for visiting earlier - yes, I gather the camembert squares were gorgeous. Didn't think to make one for myself without the cranberry on, did I?? Can't eat fruit, you see, am allergic! Consequently, I only had the canapé with salmon mousse on oatcakes.... oh well, never mind!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #7

  13. Wow, those are antique. I haven't seen any floppy disks for a while. Check with your local computer geek store. They have saved me more than once. good luck Peg R #91

  14. I've got some of those disks around here too. I assume they are not important :)
    The birds nest is a great idea! I've got a tangle of beading wire somewhere which I could do that with :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  15. Mm hope the disks are retrievable, and love the desk so bright and cheery well done on nest :D happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x #7

  16. is that a tower of washi tape i see at the back of your desk? lovely range of colours and designs
    Gill x

    1. Yep, two and a half towers of washi... slightly obsessed! x

  17. The last time I cam across one, and had no way to read it, I was able to take it into a local photo shop and they found that it only had spreadsheets on it. The shop closed, so I don't know what I'd do if I found another. And the washi tape couldn't help but catch my eye either - how fun!

  18. Good luck with the floppies - surely some clever soul will know what to do. x Jo

  19. I hope someone can help with the discs, shame otherwise. Looks like you are having fun though! Take care Zo xx 59

  20. Hi Laura - had the same formatting problem myself but with a photo SD card - wiped the lot :0( - bah technology - great when it works - pants when it doesn't! I think recycling your floppies as a mini album is a great idea - I'd love to see it when you've finished. Thanks for your visit - I've now tidied my desk and my wardrobe - can you see my halo shining from there? Have a great week. MMx #37

  21. HI Laura,
    My but you've been thinking a lot. know what you mean about extinct items I was talking to my girls the other day about life before videos and only 3 channels .... those were the days ... but then we didn't have lovely bloggy friends either.
    thanks for your visit
    janet #9

  22. Lovely desk, didn't know floppys still exist! Thank you for visiting. Karen #49

  23. For being number 1 this week, I've sure taken a long time to return your visit. I'm going to blame it on Blogger and life getting in the way. I don't even have a drive I can access those floppy disks anymore. And that saddens me, because much of my academic life was on those disks. So of course, I feel for you.

    I hope that wire works for a bird nest. It looks like it will.

    You asked if I had polystyrene in my box and I had NO idea what you were talking about. Had to do an internet search and discovered what I think you meant. If you were referring to the plastic cups, they were just holders for the various bits and bobs. If you were referring to the plastic I from where I deconstructed a glue dispenser, then your guess is as good as mine (grin). Happy very belated WOYWW.


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