Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hello Wednesday Deskers!

On my desk this week are the floppy disks I found and some black and white papers.  They will become a mini album.  For the first time I have started an album with no idea what photos I am going to use... When you make a mini do you have the photos first?  Or the papers first?  Or, as this one, do you have the concept first?

Also note only bottles of drink on the desk... glasses, cups or mugs just end up paint-y and undrinkable with brushes and palette knives accidentally poking out!

Here is a little sneak at the last mini I made that will be posted tomorrow...

Thanks for stopping by, see you at your desk!


  1. I love the papers for your next Reading your profile I learned your into collecting teddy bears and enjoy birds, along with your many talents. I learn something new every day. Carole #76

  2. Hi Laura. As I have never made one before I really am no good to advise you but I will be watching with interest what you finish off with :-)
    Annie x # 45

  3. Smart desk. Not sure if I could work with that black and white zig-zag card - it would set my migraine off. I bet it makes for a very classy project though! x Jo

  4. Hi Laura
    I used to make lots of mini books and I never started at one point. Sometimes I'd have the pictures, sometimes a theme and often just pretty paper, or an idea I'd seen somewhere else. Whatever works for you!
    Good luck
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B No 39

  5. I always start with the photos and pick the papers to match. It's always interesting to find out how others create isn't it. I like the black and white you are working with this time.
    Hugs Lisax #54

  6. I always have the photos before the album comes to life.

    Had to laugh at the bottles of drink, because mugs end up with things in them:)

    The finished album looks interesting. Hope we see it soon.

    Thanks for popping into my blog.

    Sue 56

  7. I wish I could help but have never made a mini book - sure it will be lovely. Sorry for not replying/commenting on Fridays smile - time ran away as usual.
    I know what you jean about mugs and glasses - all my mugs end up as knitting needle holders!
    Famfa 5

  8. My mini's depend on what starts me off - sometimes its photos or other times concept or whatever. Great idea to use those floppy discs! #46

  9. I'm intrigued as to what you intend to do with those floppy discs! I'm afraid I am very bad at actually putting photos IN the album, though I love the idea of making them!! I had to smile at your no cup rule - on my desk it's the water bottle that ends up with the brushes in because I'm too lazy to get up and go to the sink! Happy WOYWW Cindy #97

  10. Glad to see someone else puts the paint brush in their cup of tea. I've started putting mine on a completely different desk, only trouble is I keep forgetting to drink it. Don't be like me and have an album but never put photos in it. My wedding photos are still in a cupboard! That sneak peak is rather tantalising, hope you are going to show the whole thing later.
    Have a great week.
    Von #30

  11. I had to laugh when you talk to about the cups being used for washing up. I know just what you mean. Thanks for stopping in. Peg R 25

  12. Ha, floppy disks" genius up cycling Laura! Like the colours too. Usually for a mini, I have the photos first and they tend to be trip or person specific, and usually they end up as a gift.


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