Wednesday, 12 February 2014


And now for the desky post!  (second post today... what's going on?!)

Happy WOYWW!  Here is my desk as it was left yesterday with today's post (jewellery findings) plonked on top. 

I have been making samples this week but I can't share any as the products are yet to be released.  Baby wipes, gesso, buttons, KO thread, hedgehog paperclips, off cuts.  Oh yes, there's a sneak of the floppy disk album that got pushed aside for the sample-making.  Really could do with some tidying and structure rather than the semi circle of stuff around the cutting mat.  It won't happen today as I will be mostly looking at desks!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you've creating. Sue 54

  2. Hi Laura. Thought I'd let you a message earlier but it appears it hasn't computer has been playing up so thought I would pop back to check. I will be waiting patiently to see what you've been making.
    Annie x # 50

  3. Such a nice big desk to have your fun.

  4. oh wow! you're making a floppy disk album - what a coincidence, because I just scrounged some of those from my son, thinking if they're no good to him any more, I could maybe make a mini book with them .... Great minds and all that :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #67

  5. Love the stacks of washi. Look forward to seeing what you have in the yet to be released category. Creative Blessings!
    Kelly #79

  6. Look forward to seeing what you have made! Your space looks quite tidy to me! Thanks for visiting, Chris83

  7. Seems like you've been busy although you can't share anything. And yes, the ice looks so beautiful on the trees and everywhere else but gosh, the poor things have branches breaking off, and of course, the ice on power lines has been bad with power being out, fortunately I still have power although been flickering off and on today. Brigita #88

  8. Gesso, baby wipes and buttons! Sounds like fun!!

  9. Hello Laura, thanks for stopping by my nest, I had a good snoop around yours, I love all your ATC made from real plaing cards, that's how I make mine, not many do:), I love this friday smile thing, I'm going to have a look around for that, I looooove to smile, it wa lovely to visit your nest, I'll be back, have a wonderful weekend..

  10. Just popped in to take a peek at your all sounds rather interesting what you've been up to, will be back to see the results. Cheers RobynO#51

  11. Floppy disc book? Now that sounds interesting! Love your colour samples on your wall - don't know why but they always make me smile!

    Carmen x #81

  12. Hi Laura,

    My eyes immediately went to the towers of washi tape! I love seeing all the colors that you have. The hedgehog paperclips are adorable!! Hmm, a floppy disc book? We'll have to see that!

    Thank you for visiting me already.
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (86)

  13. I think when we're creating, we all just put everything around us until we run out of space. Or anyway, I know I do it. Your desk is looking like a fun place to create, with lots of great things in reach to play with, like all that wonderful washi tape!

  14. I thought for sure I'd been here and left a comment from Wednesday's blog hop, but it looks like I failed to stop by. I like how you referred to the items on your desk as a semi-circle of stuff around the cutting mat. Happy belated WOYWW from #1. And of course, I look forward to seeing that floppy disk book come together, too.

  15. hi laura that all looks very intruiguing, dont you just love the ko threads so much better than nymo.hope your week has been productive

    1. Oh, so much! I don't use nymo for beading any more, it is handy for adding to mixed media work though!! :)


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