Thursday, 20 March 2014

Laura & the Long Lens

This is a layout made from the contents of my Counterfeit Kit.  (By the way I always spell Counterfeit wrong!)

Here is the title...

using some punctuation brads that have sat unused for yonks!

A close up of some layering...

I used the transparencies!!!  :)

More layering of washi and vellum etc...

Which all put together made this layout...

Very colourless by my standards but I really like it.  I must do some more subtly coloured craft soon.

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  1. By heck that is a long lens:)

    1. Great for getting shots of birds.
      My friend calls it my perv lens! *rolls eyes*

  2. This is a nice layout. The background paper looks like it could be very hard to turn into a layout but it works.
    What is a "counterfeit" kit?

    1. Thanks :)
      A counterfeit kit is one you put together from your own stash rather than buying one! Each month the team give us a 'real' kit to get our inspiration from. Brilliant concept to help use up stash. You can find more, probably explained much more clearly, here:

  3. So cool! Would love to have one of those for our birds :) Photographer in the making :)

  4. love those long parentheses (sp?)...great background paper and great use of the scallop edge ot give it dimension!

  5. what a super layout - i really like the subtle neutral colours here and the long title to go with the long lens! I especially love the use of the gold vellum and the translucent elements


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