Saturday, 8 March 2014

The March Adventure Continues...

My patterned paper for my counterfeit kit was lacking but I had a plan.  We have gone from this...

to this...

I made my take of a few of the papers that were in the Cocoa Daisy kit.

'Mazing what you can do with a white posca pen  :)  I just used the ruler as a guide not to actually draw along - my lines are not straight!

This one was made by drawing lines with the ruler in various white pens.  They are quite subtle lines and the photo doesn't really show them brilliantly.  Then for some bolder lines I dipped the edge of the ruler in gesso and 'stamped' it.

I fell in love with the black cross paper.  I replicated it with a home made cross stamp.  Yep, that's my pencil.  I used my craft knife to cut away the rubber and it worked first time.  Lucky!  Then I used ink and a ruler (again.  I didn't think I used my ruler this much...) to stamp lines of crosses.

 I didn't make a whole sheet as my wrist gave up and, I didn't think I would use a whole sheet anyway.  But, I now have the stamp so I can make paper with this pattern, in any colour, any time.  I made a four inch strip and it took about 20 minutes to stamp, it was quite theraputic really.

Next up is my take on the pink hearts, bokeh-ish effect.  I used two shades of pink vellum in my version.  I cut a bunch of hearts in a few different sizes.  I stuck half of them on one side of the paler sheet of vellum and then stuck the remaining hearts on the other side.

I didn't do the whole sheet as I was inspired by the cut file also in CD's selection for February.

Then I used my watercolour pencils to make a few off cuts of plain paper in to my version of patterned papers. 

I'm really pleased with my fakes!  I had so much fun making them too.  But I didn't think that would be a problem...  The problem may come in actually using them...

I heard talk of 'killing a kit' - hate the words but I think it basically means using it all.  Hmm, I'm not sure I'm going to be very good at that, but we'll see.  I'll certainly try!!

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  1. Cool looking counterfeits! Yep killing the kit just means using it up, we all give it a try personally I usually have a few left each month :)

  2. You are so creative. I'd never think to make my own papers like that. the pen eraser stamp is such a fab idea.

  3. Such great counterfeiting and a great idea on using an eraser.

  4. Now that's ingenious and so clever Laura ;D
    You will certainly be more attached to them now they're your own creations.
    I'll look forward to seeing how you use them...if you do actually manage to part with them. Good Luck!

  5. Goodness me . . . how inventive and clever are YOU! Brilliant . . . thanks for sharing. xxx

  6. How brilliant! So, so clever to find so many ways to counterfeit paper

  7. wow! that is some wonderful counterfeiting! So creative and clever! I'm sure I don't have the patience for this but I love to see how you worked out the way to make it yourself!

  8. Love the papers you made!!!!


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