Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Smiles

Well, I've been either too tired or too tardy to join in the last few Friday Smiles and do you know what?  I've really missed it!  It is so good to think about the week and pick out something good, something to make you smile.  To be honest I've probably needed to smile more over the weeks I've missed but that is the nature of my illness.  We battle on.

These little beings have made me smile a lot.  They are garlic chives.  I'd not heard of them until a recent series by the Hairy Bikers, and seeing as garlic is my second favourite flavour (behind chocolate of course!) I thought I'd have a go at growing some.  It is odd that something as small as a seedling brings me so much pleasure!

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  1. I love seeing new life too...and I will add you've been missed so it's good to have you back.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Laura,

    I wonder if they'll have the pretty blooms that chives get? Spring is a time of renewal so it's no wonder they bring a smile to your face. Take care of yourself!

    Happy Friday,

  3. I love to see all the new growth in Springtime too. x Jo

  4. Glad your Garlic Chives (never heard of them before) are growing.

    Hope life treats you much better hun.

  5. how does it go? ... from tiny acorns a might oak can grow...or something similar......

  6. Garlic chives are a very nice herb. We've grown them, and you'll love their tasty flavour.Glad you're joining in again.Great.

  7. Isn't nature wonderful. I shall have to look out for these. I have noticed on my return today that my sweet peas are about 3" high - they were only just peeking through last Tuesday!

  8. There's so much I agree with in this post Laura...chocolate and garlic (not together obviously) and growing seedlings.
    I've got some seedlings currently growing on my window ledge and they make me smile every time I look at them too.
    Such promise all within such a tiny wee things.
    Don't you just love spring?

  9. Hi Laura. Your Chives made me smile too. It is so exciting when seedlings suddenly appear. Take care of yourself. Marion x


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