Saturday, 24 May 2014

Be A Rainbow In The Clouds

Welcome to my little corner of the web where today I am a stop on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop!  You should have arrived here from Lesley.

I have very much enjoyed my month as Guest Designer.  I have a few layouts finished and scheduled and a few left to make. 

This layout was inspired by the first challenge...

Challenge #1 Weather Related : Use a weather Icon (sun, cloud, raindrops...) on your project

And this layout has words!  I know - I didn't know I could do words either!!  :D

I put a few sets of part-used alphas in to my Hi May kit with the intention of using them ALL.  This title happened to have a few 'used' letters so I improvised - I cut a 'u' down to make an 'r', the 'd' is a 'p' and the 'b' is actually 'q'.

They were black and kraft and really didn't match so I gave them a few coats of gesso and sprayed them with grey silver mist.

I commissioned my Pet Crocheter to make me some clouds.  The pattern was in her magazine and we just thought it was so sweet!  She's a star, is my Pet Crocheter - Love you Mum!

I gave them a light spritz of grey silver mist too as they were a little too white!

They sun rays were actually the triangles cut out of the template I made to make my forged paper.  I covered the card triangles in matte medium and chunky glitter.  I needed to fill in some patches that didn't get glittered the first time around and I had glitter everywhere for days afterwards but I think it was worth it!!

I like the difference in texture between the glitter and the crochet...

What d'ya think?  Your next stop on the hop is Leslie or if you would like to start at the beginning pop over to Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You've done a great job being guest for May! I've enjoyed visiting your blog! LOVE those little crochet cool are those!

  2. Thanks for being a brilliant guest designer Laura! Those letter adaptations are fab - love the crocheted clouds! Go Mum!!!!

  3. Loving the LO.

    Glad you enjoyed being the Designer for a month.

  4. Those gold bits are fab... I find gold difficult to use, so I'm off now to try using it without being too garish. Good job!

  5. Fabulous. The crochet clouds are gorgeous - clearly need to find my own pet crocheter!! And the adaptation of the letters is very clever. But the gold chunky glittered elements make my heart flutter too! You've been a great GD! Thanks for joining in :-)

  6. Wow the texture is fantastic! Love the layout

  7. Amazing - I saw those in a mag too but didn't make them, maybe now I will! Fabulous layout and you've been such a wonderful guest :)

  8. What do I think? I think it is totally fabulous!! What an unusual project, and how brilliantly executed. I love the contrast between the different textures, and how you have adapted the remaining letters to create the ones you needed... As for the clouds, they are adorable! The whole thing is just gorgeous. Well done.

    Thank you for your nice visit and comment. Glad you like my latest zentangle. For the teabag stain ones, I use the finer Faber-Castell sepia PITT artist pen - they only do 2 thicknesses in the sepia. I don't press too hard and I think that helps the lines stay fine. Working at such a small scale it's quite hard, and I haven't added shading, and I try to keep the tangles as simple as possible or definition gets lost.


  9. Oh my goodness Laura this is so textural and different.Sub it to a magazine!!!
    It has been delightful having you as a guest DT.

  10. You have been such a gift to the blog this month! This page is totally amazing - I am now coveting some crocheted clouds & will be leaving here to surf the web for a pattern ;~D Genius texturing, even down to the spritz on the letters. So happy to have gotten to know you a little this month!

  11. Love, Love, LOVE the crochet clouds. Doesn't every scrapper need a pet crocheter? And tying the letters together with gesso and spray mist, is near genius. Like rain drops on the window.

  12. Love your crochet clouds. Is there a pattern you can share.


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