Thursday, 1 May 2014

GD @ CKC - kit

It's finally here!  Hi May!  As you may have seen in my recent post I have been asked to be Guest Designer for Counterfeit Kit Club.  Of course I got very excited and accepted.  (I then worried I wouldn't be able to get stuff done but thankfully the M.E. has been kind and allowed me to enjoy this adventure!)

They have a blog hop to reveal each team members kit - here is the order
Guest Designer: Laura - that's me!


Lisa H.

Here are some pictures of the kits we were to forge:

They are from Paper Camelia.

I start my kit by making lists.  Lists of colours, shapes, materials, textures, things I might be able to forge.

I then start going through my papers and picking out things that might work - not everything I pick out goes in to the final kit, I'm very free with things at this stage.

After papers I start on alphas; then embellishments; then ribbon; then anything else that I think might make the kit 'The Kit' - you know, the finishing touches.  Then I go through it all and refine it, putting away the sheets of paper that don't work.

So here is what I came up with!

Two themes I really picked up on from the kits were bicycles and paperclips.

I made my kit quite big - I think quite a large part of me was still ridiculously excited when I put the kit together!

Paperclips, gold, lace paper tape.  I MUST use this lace paper tape, I have had it for donkeys years and it is still unopened.

A few scraps on my desk that matched, and so went in.

The original kit didn't have any ribbon but I needed some!  Quite a few buttons made it in to my embellishment selection.  A few rolls of washi tape too - but I'm not expecting to use the entire roll!!

So there it is - Hi May - in all it's glory.  I hope you'll join me throughout the month as I share my makes.  I hope to 'kill the kit' as they say - use it all up, with the exception of the ribbon, washi and some of the alphas.  I certainly intend to use all the card and paper... let's see how it goes!

Next stop on the hop is Angela - I can't wait to see what the rest of the team have put together so I'll be hopping around with you!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like a load of goodies to play with. Have fun.

  2. Hi Laura, great to have you with us and a great card for CH#1 :)
    Love your kit and I do hope the health remains kind for a lot longer :)

  3. WELCOME to the Guest DT spot Laura - I know you will do us proud!
    Lovely kit which you've made your own - have fun with it :)

  4. congrats on your Gdt! Love your kit and as I read through your process of selecting its contents....I kept thinking....'this is exactly what I do! Yep, and I also usually end up with a big kit!' I'd also say, I'll probable end up with OA and Crate in mine too... Love what you did!

  5. Hi Laura, Congratulations on your appointment to GD! I was sitting in your chair last year, at this time. Hope you have as much fun as I did.

    LOVE your interpretation of the kit. You have shaved off the girlyness and created something less gender specific. When I get to build this kit, I will reference back to your compilation.

  6. Welcome to the team this month - great to have you here.

    Your kit looks large but good - very versatile and so many goodies to work with.It's always interesting to read how people approach putting their kits together - thanks for giving us the low-down.

  7. Super cute kit! I love what you pulled togethr. I approach a kit very similiar with starting with pen and paper and writing dow what I see. Good to know I'm not the only one that does that way :)

  8. I've saved a couple of those ice cream lolly sticks too. So have you opened that lace tape? You know you're more likely to use it if you do. Your kit assembly process is similar to mine, which are always too big!
    And I just wanted to say that there is life after ME - I had it and now lead a pretty normal life - if you ignore falling asleep in the arm chair in the middle of the afternoon!

  9. Like the original kit. Yours seems a little more muted in the colours (which suits my style better.) Looking forward to seeing what you make. Lol at the lolly stick. We tried some of those silver lollies and I never thought to keep the stick - I can no longer call myself a proper crafter!!!
    P.s. don't go looking for any thing in magazines from me, I'm still at the submissions stage :(

  10. I particularly like your bicycle papers. Your kit looks like it will be fun to use.

  11. So happy to have you joining us this month! I must confess, I had to look up "arctophile" and found it a bear-y charming hobby, lol :~) You have done wonderfully well capturing so many of the elements in the inspirations. I spy many similar patterns in your papers + an astonishing selection of novelty clips - HEDGEHOGS? Adorable!

  12. what an awesome kit - I am loving all your embellishments, especially those fun paper clips!

  13. well come to the team this month. I often use a list like that too, didn't quite this month though. Your kit looks fantastic, looking forward to seeing what you create with it.

  14. I love all your fun choices, especially the strong geometric and bicycle prints!

  15. Ooh, it's lovely to see someone that works on their kits in a similar way to me! I often write little lists of the colours, patterns and elements that appeal to me before I start my search x


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