Tuesday, 27 May 2014



I have the next in my series of mini canvases to share with you today.  (You can check out the other canvases in the series here: smile, laugh, happy & wish. )  This canvas measures 74mm by 56mm.

When I work with ribbon I save all the snippets I trim from the ends.  When I have enough of a mixture of textures, widths and sizes I stick them in a pot, mix them up and glue them to a canvas base.  It gives awesome texture to paint over, especially the velvet ribbons from Crafty Ribbons.  I glue on my trimmings randomly with matte medium.  In this case I didn't glue every piece entirely - I was enjoying the flicky-out-y pieces!

I then coated the entire thing in gesso to give a good base for the ink to adhere to.  I used India Ink in three shades of red to saturate the ribbon covered canvas, working it in to every join and fold.  To match in with the other canvases in the series I toned down the over all effect by dry brushing with white gesso.

The tiles are from Doodlebug and have sat in my stash for years.  I used pinflair glue gel to ensure they stuck well on the uneven surface.

A few more to go to finish the rainbow and then I'll picture them all together.  I'm struggling for a nice (positive) word for the orange canvas - any ideas more than welcome!

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  1. Happy Birthday Laura.

    Loving the canvas.

    What about the word Positive:) for the Orange canvas.

  2. Now THIS is using snippets in a really different way Laura! I love what you made, very clever! A word for the orange canvas - Sunshine? Sigh, I thought not :(

    Hugs, Di xx

    1. Now I seriously considered sunshine for the yellow canvas, so not such an out there idea!
      Thank you :)

  3. Hi Laura,

    What a cute little canvas! I need to take a peak at the other canvases (especially the orange one).


  4. Hi Laura. Hope you have had a fab day. I love this canvas and it is made from ribbon! Must look up gesso, never seen it, what does it do?

    What about Joy for the orange canvas.

    1. Gesso is a sort-of-paint that is very good for priming surfaces. I think it works on every surface - I've not found one that it disagrees with - and you can use any medium on top, i.e. watercolours, oils, inks etc. It's like an artists best friend :)
      Added joy to the 'possibly' list, thank you :)

  5. Wow oh wow! I am a serious paper snippet user upper but I had never thought of keep such small pieces of ribbon. Absolutely stunning and so very clever, thank you for the inspiration Karen x

  6. What a great idea! This looks great. Thanks for joining us at That Craft Place xx Stacey S xx


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