Tuesday, 20 May 2014

She Doesn't Know

Another layout using up my CK Hi May.  This one is titled 'She doesn't know how pretty she is' - She doesn't.  I love her so.

This layout is made from the cut off strips that come on the bottom of 12x12 sheets.  My original cutting wasn't particularly accurate so I trimmed again with scissors.  (I'm sure I am the opposite of most people - better at straight lines with scissors than with a guillotine!!)  Anyway, this trimming produce a pile of super thin thread like pieces of paper which looked good lying on my cutting mat, so I bundled them up and stapled them on the layout!

And here is the layout;

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  1. Wow cool way to recycle! I love this layout the variety of colors just pop and so smart to use the thin cuts as an extra embellishment :)

  2. Love how you have used the cut off threads. Fab LO.

  3. Wow what a cool way to use the trimmings! I usually throw them out.. oh no.... more stuff to hang on to!


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