Sunday, 25 May 2014

Silly Selfie Session

This layout was an exercise in using up that scary paper that I put in my Counterfeit Kit for May.

I used it to mat my photos.  On the larger mat I scribbled some words that the photos brought to mind.  I bordered all the mats with some scribbly lines in black.

I broke open the second packet of alphas in my kit.  I don't expect to use these all up, but I'm going to try and make a good dent in them.  Also added all of the cut outs I included in the kit - they were hanging around on my desk when I was putting the kit together so rather than put them away I added them to the box - basically I'm a lazy tidier!  :D

So there it is layout number ???  I'm not sure, I need to do a count up.  I still haven't started on the bicycle papers yet.  Too 'scared' to cut them up.  But when I get over that there is at least 2 more layouts worth left in my kit.  Not a bad tally for me in a month - very chuffed!

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  1. LOL "the scary paper"...too funny :~D It worked out so well as the mat, & your doodled words & scribbles were a genius touch.

  2. Wow what a cute layout and perfect spot to use it. The numbering I don't think you have to do it, I started doing it when I seen others doing it


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