Thursday, 8 May 2014

The fakes!

I got to work thinking about what kit components I could fake.  In addition to patterned papers I thought I might have a go at making my own paperclips...

As always I started with a list and some sketches!  And then gathered the bits I would need.   used the wire from spiral bound note books that were finished.  I found it quite hard to manipulate the wire with out having things to bend it around.  I also found that cut ends needed to be sanded - I learnt that the hard way - ouch!


After giving myself a manicure I carried on with the paper fakes.  These are the patterned papers in the original kit

I thought I could forge the pink ombre chevrons, the big polka dots, the yellow stripes (from the add on) and I was determined to try something with the 'round sided diamond shape' - not really sure what to call that!!

I had four wooden 'round sided diamond shapes' which I glued to an acrylic stamp block with temporary adhesive.  I then used the stamp on scraps of white card to give the pattern (or a rough guesstimate of the pattern!  I need to double up the stamping to get the exact pattern but haven't done that in these photos - doh!)

Next up was the chevron.  I made a zig zag template from some thin card - see those triangles?  They got saved and I'm sure will turn up later in the month...  I have an idea!!  Anyway, the template, some watered done gesso of varying strengths, and a sheet of pink card stock all got mixed up... results down the bottom.

Then for the polka dots I simply punched out some circles in the right colours and stuck then to a white off cut.  I didn't make a whole sheet, just a snippet.

For the yellow stripes I used a ruler and white paint pen to mark out the pattern and filled in with some gesso.  Easy.

Here they are;

Really pleased with the papers - less so with the clips but you live and learn.  I also reminded myself how many shades of plain cardstock I have and how simple it is to make your own patterned papers.  The polka dots could be in any colourway and, for that matter, any punched out shape.  I might try butterflies next.  Or stars.  Right I'm off to play!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I'm glad you were able to soldier on, despite that dramatic nail injury:) LOL

  2. Very creative.. thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. Aw, the clips look wonderful! I think, though, that you chose some difficult wire to manipulate - the stuff they use for those binding springs is quite tough! x

  4. The forged paper looks so cool!

  5. I love your "fakes" … especially that paper clip!!

  6. Clapping my hands over your counterfeits! I am still thinking of what I could use to try the paperclips - you almost need a grid of nails, or something... The papers I am swooning over - LOVE. Fab forgeries, my dear :~)

  7. Oh you are brave making your own paperclips!


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