Saturday, 28 June 2014


I'm sharing an art journal page with Crafty Ribbons Inspirations today...

I do more art journalling than I share, but this page is OK for sharing.

There are oodles of layers.  The page started out red, then I added black.  It looked like a murder scene so I gessoed over the top.  Then came black acrylic, pearl medium, thick layers of white acrylic, lots of shades of blue and green spray inks, sea salt, more ink for drips, scribbling in a roller-ball pen, inked tissue paper, various ribbon and lace.

The sea salt absorbs some of the wet ink and leaves pit like marks.  Love it but you have to be patient and let the ink dry thoroughly before you brush the salt off.

Here is a focus on the tissue and ribbon...

I was over thinking my colours at the beginning with the whole red and black fiasco.  From that came the words for the page 'let go and create colour'  You can see snippets of 3mm in both satin and grosgrain, saddlestitch, satin, seam binding and stripy ribbon.  Unfortunately the lace is sold out now - booooooo!!  There is also a bird from the vintage ribbon at the top of the page.  He there for no particular reason - just because - and that is how I art journal - in a 'just because' kind of way.  Have a go, you need only please yourself!

Now if only I could remember those last words and put them in to practice.  I need only please myself.


  1. Well you did create colour all right.

  2. "Let go and create colour" - what a great creative message. Thanks for the tip about sea salt - I never heard that before. Can you reuse it?

    1. I've not tried to reuse the salt Karen. I don't think it would be possible, but it is worth a try...

  3. Phwoaaaar! Look at all that gorgeous texture! Well worth it I say! I use salt with watercolour and am terrible for touching it to see if it's dry yet :P Should just leave it over night! Never thought to do it with inks too. Hmmm.


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