Saturday, 21 June 2014


Last week I was away.  With this level of M.E. it is pretty much existing in a different house rather than a holiday, however I am truly grateful to be able to spend time elsewhere.  The week before that I received 4 parcels of stash - two birthday goodies, one set of new ribbons and one parcel that got lost in December and decided to resurface! 

It was a little overwhelming to come home to so much new stuff, I didn't know where to start, what to look at, what to play with...  I used up my energy by thinking and not doing.

In the end I decided to pull out a stencil and some pitt pens from my box of goodies from Ashley.  (Ashley had a 'destash' and I bought the box - some amazing goodies that I'll be sharing soon...)    Having never used pitt pens before I just scribbled and coloured and doodled a little - just trying them out and seeing what they were like.

Verdict: really nice, good flow, vibrant colours.  No bleed through (unlike pro markers) and they don't smell (unlike pro markers).  Would definitely buy some more.

The stencil is a Julie Fei Fan Blazer design with a pattern repeat that lines up.  I like that.  I just moved it along, lined it up and carried on scribbling.

And then I added a little message to myself.  'Set your eyes on a target'.  A target.  One.  Just ONE.

Thanks for stopping by :)

By the way, today's target is to publish a blog post - tick!


  1. Lovely. So bright.

    Hope you have a better phase of the ME.

  2. Love it....the artwork and the sentiment. Really hope you manage to reach your target too.
    Sending healing hugs,
    Annie x

  3. Great colours and doodles. Glad you achieved todays goal. It's always great to tick them off. Hugs

  4. I love this! So glad your stuff arrived FINALLY (I still can't believe it took so long!) and you are putting it to good and creative use!


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